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7 common Mistakes Women Make that Pushes Men Away.

1. Chasing after him

The vast majority of the time, if a guy likes you, he will let you know. It will be obvious. There won’t be any mixed messages or hidden clues to decipher. If he likes you, he will make it known and he will ask you out. Your only job is to show enough interest to let him know he won’t be shot down. This does not need to be obvious and over the top. A sweet smile and sultry eye contact will get the job done


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  1. Being bossy
    When you act bossy, your man is gonna think that you want to rule him. There’s one thing with men I.e they always have some arrogance and always want to rule,it’s technically part of them. So to avoid that, always act politely and never brag about your money,lineage, reputation, fame,e.t.c

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