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Ladies,these are the 8 Bad Signs That Your Man Has Fallen Out Of Love With You

Here are a few signs that your partner has indeed fallen out of love with you:

1. He doesn’t try to be physically intimate with you anymore.

He stops hugging you. He stops giving you random kisses. Your sex life might even be taking a hit. A significant drop in physical intimacy would definitely be a sign that he has fallen out of love with you.

2. He spends most of his time with other people instead of you.

We only ever really spend time on the things and people that are most important to us. And if he isn’t spending most of his time with you anymore, then that means that you aren’t a very important person to him at this point.

3. He doesn’t make an effort to plan dates.

He doesn’t ask you out for dinner. He doesn’t take you out to see movies. He doesn’t really try to plan dates anymore because he’s not interested in getting closer to you. He’s falling out of love with you.

4. He doesn’t participate in talks about the future of your relationship.

He doesn’t really seem invested in the future of your relationship anymore. He doesn’t engage with you in conversations about the direction and future of your relationship.

5. You catch him eyeing other women.

If a man is truly in love with you, then he would definitely only have eyes on you. However, if he’s starting to fall out of love with you, then it’s likely that he’s going to start exploring other prospective options. That’s why it’s a big red flag if he ever starts eyeing other women.

6. He picks fights with you without reason.

He has a lot of pent up anger within himself because he is in a relationship with you. And he’s channeling all of that anger and frustration towards you. That’s why even the littlest things that you do would be enough to set him off and blow his fuse.

7. He says things that hurt your feelings.

A man who is in love with you would never want to say or do anything that would deliberately hurt you. That is why you know that something is up in your relationship when you have a partner who just keeps on saying things that hurt you. That means he is no longer invested in your feelings.

8. He’s generally in a bad mood when you’re together.

There is obviously a lot of pain or resentment in his heart when he’s spending time with you. He doesn’t enjoy the time he spends with you and he isn’t shy about hiding his feelings either. He is visibly upset about the fact that you’re together because he no longer loves you.


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