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5 common mistakes people make when choosing a life partner.

Marriage is a life time enterprise where you not supposed to rush into . you need to take your time when choosing for a life time partner in order to avoid regrets in future. With the high trends circles in divorces across the globe, its unfair to believe that marriage can end suddenly due to the fact that couples fell out of love . Though there’s a popular belief that such can happen . In real life situation there’s nothing like falling out of love suddenly if it happens then there’s a series of events and signs which have been overlooked which can make marriage crush all the way from the top. There those who are afraid of being heartbroken after marriage or when in a relationship but get to understand that being heartbroken is a choice and moreso when one makes mistakes which can be avoided before marriage. In this article am going to discuss 14 common mistakes young people make when choosing who to marry. They include ;

1. Believing that marriage is all about fun and happiness 

Its easy to believe that marriage is a smooth cell when difficulties are abominable to encounter. Therefore when choosing to marry a good percentage of you people go for happy personalities without exploring others characters important to sustain marriage. In the real life situation marriage is not all about happy and fun because there are dark days and rainy nights and all these demands that you go for a personalities that can withstand l storms and still find happiness and fun in those storms.

2. You ignore the warning signs

Love or chemistry does make you blind. Neurologists have found that the frontal cortex, responsible for judgment stops working – it basically shuts down! This is why common sense goes out the window and why you don’t see the glaringly obvious. My advice is to be aware of your deal breakers and red flags rather than be blinded by chemistry.

3. Choose someone who has a different life plan

You meet someone and there is great chemistry and you like hanging out with them but what they want in life is totally different to what you want. One of you will end up giving up your dreams, this may seem ok in the short term but generally ends in tears with one person feeling resentful that they have missed out on their dreams. Little differences are ok but when it comes to the major stuff it rarely works.

4. You think being in a relationship will make you feel better

Your life isn’t what you want it to be and you think it having someone will fix that for you. The key is to be happy in yourself first and have someone who enhances your life rather than thinking you can only be happy with someone. A relationship is not a band aid for what is wrong in your life. You can’t put a band aid on a bullet hole and expect it to work

5. People often do not know what they want from a relationship.

It can be hard to know what exactly you seek from a relationship when you haven’t been in many serious relationships and have lack of experience to judge what they really want from a relationship. In a study in which speed daters were questioned about their relationship preferences, it could be seen that most of them actually preferred different things in an actual situation than they said they did. As a single person, it is really tough to know what your relationship needs are. So it’s easy for you to choose a life partner when you think you want one thing but in actuality, you want another.

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