Uganda’s Ghetto Kids earn historic golden buzzer at Britain Got Talent show

Ghetto Kids from Uganda make history at Britain got talent shows which earn them golden buzzer at the middle of the performance

Uganda’s Ghetto Kids earn historic golden buzzer at Britain Got Talent show
Uganda’s Ghetto Kids

Ghetto Kids, a well-known Ugandan youth dance group, stunned the audience on Saturday night at the 16th season of Britain’s Got Talent 2023.

Their energetic and well-choreographed dancing wowed the judges as well as the audience.

Beside their exhibition, Ghetto Children’s story was a personal one that charmed them to the crowd on the evening.

One of the kids, who had been picked up from the streets of Uganda, said, “Ghetto Kids is like an orphanage in Uganda” as he introduced the group. We share a house with thirty kids.

“We are a large family.” I used to live on the Kampala streets. I’ve had a lot of opportunities as a member of the Ghetto Kids.

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Only six of the children, four boys and two girls, were able to dance so well that the audience enjoyed their stunning performance. The most youthful among them, five-year old Josephine gained individual appreciation from the adjudicators.

Uganda’s Ghetto Kids earn historic golden buzzer at Britain Got Talent show

Every judge; As the kids danced their hearts out and lit up the stage, Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden, Alesha Dixon, and Bruno Tonioli heaped praise on them.

The brilliant ringer is generally squeezed after a tryout upon arrangement by judges, meaning programmed capability for the entertainer into live semi-finals.

Be that as it may, Ghetto Children broke the record as first gathering to procure it halfway into their exhibition as Mr Tonioli out of fervor squeezed the brilliant ringer leaving the crowd eject in celebration.

Procuring the exceptionally desired brilliant signal, halfway into their exhibition, was a noteworthy accomplishment and a decent compensation for their splendid presentation.

Mr. Cowell, one of the judges and the creator of Got Talent franchises, was astonished by the kids’ performance and praised the group.

“This is an audition we are going to remember. And it was brilliant. That’s what the show is all about. That’s what the golden buzzer is all about,” Mr Cowell said.

“Normally, the golden buzzer is pressed afterwards. He gave you the Golden Buzzer and you performed with confetti. It was magical.”

Kavuma Dauda, the dance group’s founder and manager, gave a speech prior to the kids’ performance about what inspired the group.

“I have 30 kids that I am taking care of. Some are orphans. We are using music, dance and drama to make lives better,” Mr Dauda said.”

Since then, a video of their outstanding performance has gone viral on the internet, attracting praise from all over the world for the kids and their handler.

Watch their energetic performance below:


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