Adekunle Gold’s reaction after a Lady throws her backside on him during stage performance gets people talking (Video)

Adekunle Gold’s reaction after a Lady throws her backside on him during stage performance gets people talking (Video)
Adekunle Gold

Adekunle Gold’s incredible reaction when a woman tried to get him on stage with her backside was captured in a video that was shared online.

In the video, Adekunle Gold was spotted performing for his fans when the female artist chose to take a heartfelt action.

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Adekunle Gold was dissatisfied when she moved closer to the singer and threw her backside to him on stage.

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See reactions below;

carter_kinqs: E Dey sing sinner nah.. Make e sin small 😂😂😂.

iam_dmachine: You people should allow entertainers do their thing. It’s showbiz and I’m sure both of them are so intellectual to know what they were getting into. Have you met Simi before? She’s so knowledgeable, she has values and virtues. For her to marry Adekunle Gold, he had proven to be the kind of man she wants to submit to his authority and that’s why you see them catching cruise online because their foundations are very very strong. Big shout out to their parents for doing a great job and to them for humbling to receive the morals they were given. They are not shallow minded like most people. The dancer too is just executing her job professionally and nothing more. I bet she did well and that’s why we can talk about this moment. Live more, smile more and remember only Jesus Christ brings the peace of mind you are looking for, not money. 💯❤️.

doc_sosa: AG does this shit a lot. It’s getting played out. If you do not want to dance with the dancers don’t go to them, make them dance for you, look stupid and then u turn around and walk away making self servicing gestures. Dbanj is a married superstar performer and he dances with his dancers while performing and we all still see how loving and dedicated he is as a husband and father. There’s a lot of eye service when this guy performs.

startedfrom_scratch001: This guy self control na 💯 👏I have watch him Doing this onstage several time 😂😂😂 but i no trust you….you fit collect # at the back of stage make you run am simi no go know.

freeman.ips: AG seems can’t separate his Craft from his Family life. I wonder if simi is husband. Next time just tell the show promoter no dancers on stage.

stylebyirawo: His wife knows he is coming back to her ,so no need to stress,na work he dey do ❤️

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