“Una go buy car for staff take am back secretly” – MC Warriboy Blasts Ashmusy

“Una go buy car for staff take am back secretly” – MC Warriboy Blasts Ashmusy
MC Warriboy & ashmusy

A popular Nigerian comedian and influencer, MC Warriboy, has criticized Ashmusy for allegedly imitating the charitable acts of businessmen Obi Cubana and E-Money by giving her employees cars as gifts.

Warriboy said that Ashmusy was not original and only did what other people had done before without giving it much thought.

In a video shared via social media, Warriboy expressed that people like Ashmusy miss the mark on capacity to duplicate in a savvy way, suggesting that her activities were exclusively for show since celebrities had been known to subtly reclaim vehicles that they had given to their staff.

He also said that he didn’t want to find out that the workers were still using their legs to get around even though the boss got the car back.

In addition, Warriboy asserted that attempting to imitate wealthy individuals like E-Money and Obi Cubana would only result in people falling behind and living fictitious lives.

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He stated that he would use the internet to expose anyone who pretended to do such kind things in an effort to garner praise.

It ought to be reviewed that Ashmusy as of late purchased two vehicles for her steadfast staff and shared a video of her introducing one of the vehicles to her worker.

In any case, MC Warriboy’s remarks have started a discussion among social media followers on whether copying the humanitarian tokens of effective businessmen is off-base.

Watch the video below,


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