Chef Hilda Baci returns to work, speaks on the influence of the team on her success

Chef Hilda Baci returns to work, speaks on the influence of the team on her success
Hilda Baci

Popular Nigerian chef Hilda Baci is now physically active following her record-breaking attempt throughout the end of the week

In the most recent video that stirs things up around town, Hilda Baci at long last re-visitations of her work environment after she breaks Guinness World Record and set another one by finishing 100 hours of non-stop cooking by a single person.

Following her cooking completion at Amore gardens in Lekki, Lagos State, Hilda Baci while at her work place talks about the impact of her team on her most recent acheievement.

Despite the fact that the team already has 24 people, Hilda Baci claims that she was unable to work without her immediate assistant, Chef Sunny, who was scheduled to be on break.

Hilda Baci, a 27-year-old, goes on to talk about how Chef Sunny prepared her and how the team helped her realize her dream.

Hilda Baci went on to say that she had the idea about five years ago of breaking the world record, but it wasn’t the right time.

She noticed that she went through an excursion of self-revelation before she currently has the certainty of getting it done. She noticed that having the right team that meets up with her makes it truly work out.

Watch video below;

See reactions below;

adelakuntufayl: After missing sleep for more than 100 hours in an attempt to set a world record, she has gone back to her normal routine in a couple of days? Ommo, if nothing motivates you today, the Phenomenal Hildaaaaa’s story should inspire you to keep working hard! 🔥👏👏

adamdimeji: I love her 🔥 she also making her team shine . Way to go.

_bojan_xx: I go like know Wetin dey motivate people,After 100hours of cooking she don go back to her routine after two or 3 days rest,If na me I no sure say una go see me for two months.

harriet.ok: Hmm she’s such a strong girl 😍😍. Can never be me .. I’ll still be sleeping.

ariadne_nyx: She’s strong o,I’ll use like 2 weeks to sleep and another 2 weeks to press my phone properly.

okwu_ego: Make e no later be sey na Nigeria record you beak oh, cos what’s still keeping GWR from announcing it? INEC hand don dey enter this thing.

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