Adunni Ade please return the N250k that you are owing the late Murphy Afolabi – Muslim cleric Al Fulani (Video)

Adunni Ade please return the N250k that you are owing the late Murphy Afolabi – Muslim cleric Al Fulani (Video)
Adunni Ade

Olanrewaju Al Fulani, a well-known Muslim cleric in Nigeria, has demanded that Adunni Ade repay the N250K she owes the late Murphy Afolabi.

Al-Fulani spread the word about this during the Fidau prayer of Murphy Afolabi that occurred yesterday, May 22nd in Lagos.

Al-Fulani asked those Murphy Afolabi owes to come out and state their prices in accordance with Islamic debt rules to relieve the deceased of his burden.

But a woman came out and said that Murphy Afolabi owes her N1.4 million, and the committee has already started trying to get the money back.

Following this, Al-Fulani stated that he had confirmed that the late Murphy Afolabi owed Adunni Ade N250,000. He also told her publicly to pay the money as soon as possible.

In addition, the Muslim cleric advised those attending the Fidau prayer to pay the deceased if they owed him money, concluding that it is unwise to owe a deceased person anything.

He stated, Please return the N250,000 that you owe the late Murphy Afolabi, Adunni Ade.

Watch the video below;

See reactions below;

firstlyqueen: Never owe the dead… It doesn’t go well… If you are owing anything that belongs to the dead….. Pls return it…..

stunnerentertainmentempire: Omo she shouldn’t have let it gotten to this extent because of 250k.

abzmarlian: Very good next time she go support apc 😂😂.

ikoyieshoid: She will return it back but I think some actors in Yoruba movies industry have so much hatred for her since Adunni Ade didn’t supported MC Olumo and Tinubu bcos if u watch the full video on YouTube you will see that it was intentionally that Olaiya Igwe purposely tell Alfa to call Adunni Ade out for owning Murphy for the work she hasn’t do before Murphy died and one girl behind the camera said Adunni pays us our money back and later camera show the girl which was Bimbo Thomas Tiepo. So I think they did it on purpose to called her out just bcos no support of Mc and Tinubu. Pls go to YouTube and watch the full video you will see what am talking about.

ekesonmoney_: Those of you saying why calling her out publicly, be like person never owe you money for more than 1 year. If you borrow try dey pay back. If na me self I go carry am go billboard.

amtherealangy: When my grandma had stroke, we brought her to Lagos and she spent over 5 years, when she died and we went back to the village for her burial, that was how one woman was running towards us at the sound of the ambulance we were thinking that was her own way of coming to cry, she walked straight to my dad to ask for her N75 my grandma was owing her. My dad who didn’t have such money stopped everything he was doing and told my mum to start looking for N75, we were shocked and looking at this woman my mum gave him N100 he said No, it must be N75….wahala be like bicycle that da.

sekundayor: Alifujago Alfufu is on the side of MC and Zaria cos of the past issue during election…. If not you wouldn’t call just the Lady out outta numbers of people Murphy woulda paid in advance for work… Islam says to ask who He owes or who owes Him, Not call their names Mr Fulani.

tufab: Seem personal. So she doesn’t have a phone to reach out to her? 🤔.

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