‘Limit the perfume on your body’ – Netizens to video of Ayra Starr while turning up for her show in Tanzania (Video)

‘Limit the perfume on your body’ – Netizens to video of Ayra Starr while turning up for her show in Tanzania (Video)

In the video that was shared, Ayra Starr was already running late because she was still trying to get her body, her outfit, and her soul ready for the event in Tanzania.

Ayra Starr, a well-known Nigerian singer and songwriter, recently released a video in Tanzania that has gone viral online.

The “Hurry” hitmaker through her confirmed Instagram page today, May 23rd shared a video of her in a loft while attempting to turn up for her show in Tanzania.

At Superdome Masaki Dar-es-Salaam on May 20, 2023, Ayra Starr headlined LockIn255 Reloaded. This singer gave an electrifying performance, and the enthusiastic fans responded with such enthusiasm.

The singer was seen spraying her entire body with a perfume-like liquid in large quantities and then rubbing it all over her body to give off a pleasant scent on stage.

In addition, Ayra Starr discusses how a Twitter troll refers to her as a pole. During a video call, the singer, who appears to be in a state of confusion, then inquired of her family if she truly resembles a pole, adding that she had previously researched the term to determine the precise meaning.

Check out the video here;

See reactions that have started trailing Ayra Starr’s video below;

khaymanofficial: Please limit the perfume on your flesh o baby girl😍.

eddyjnr_12_: Why e com b like say u get man muscle for hand🥹 i come in peace🙂.

kvng_icy: “yes the car is downstairs”😂 na inside kitchen the car wan dey before?😂😂.

seabreezemusic1: So stars do have time like this too I always think they are never in ar hurry for anything 🤣.

neymarliion: yunno wear skirt today. rain go fall.

uncle_azeez: Pole bawo? 😂😂😂😂.

kirachukwu: That one friend that you can really confide in . You include the person in every of your steps and the person too is always there for you , to correct and guide u and give you the best support ever !! That one friend is rare and keep the person tight when you find one 🥰❤️😍 you are beautiful @ayrastarr.

i_am_lawry: Pole 😂😂 true true d person fit no de lie. But how come you get three minutes come still get time do all these ones 😂😂😂.

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