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Actress Iheme Nancy gives epic reply to fan who asked why she has a big backside

Actress Iheme Nancy gives epic reply to fan who asked why she has a big backside
Iheme Nancy

Fast rising Nollywood actress, Iheme Nancy as of late responded to a request on Instagram from one of her admirers about why her bum is so enormous.

Iheme Nancy had organized a Q&A session and invited her fans to ask her any question they wanted.

The opportunity arose for a fan to inquire, “Why is your ass so big?”

The actress promptly responded to him by posting the question and her response to it on her Instagram story.

Nancy Iheme said that she doesn’t know why her bum is so big. She writes:

“Me self I don’t know why it’s big,”

Her reaction recommends that she finds a sense of contentment with the subject and didn’t think about it literally. See the screenshot below:

Remember Nancy Iheme’s response to Sandra Iheuwa’s allegations that she slept with Steve Thompson, her ex-husband, in Nigeria.

Sandra had expressed evidently that Iheme was one reason her marriage finished on the grounds that she was having an unsanctioned romance with her better half while they were as yet hitched.

She showed her some of their conversations and direct messages on social media, which she claimed the thespian had with Steve.

Sandra also said that Nancy showed up at her wedding as a surprise because she didn’t invite her and they weren’t friends. Here, listen to her speak.

Nancy responded to this by advising Sandra Iheuwa, in an Instagram post, against entanglement with Steve’s failed marriage.

She also told her about some of the Nigerian celebrities he has slept with, including Sandra’s friend, and admitted that Steve talks a lot.

The actress said that she and Steve never had anything sexual and that she could sue the former couple to prove their claim. She penned:

“Attention seeker… keep looking for who to drag no be me scatter your 100 million wedding ooo… We are not even friends, of course my name is Iheme Nancy. You went to marry MTN, everywhere you go, you are looking for who to tag along your stupidity.

“I can actually sue you and your ex, till you bring evidence… Thank God you know your ex- talks a lot, what makes you think he has gone down with me??? Do you know how many celebrities he once told me he had things with? Including your close friend, am not you that went and opened legs for him (am not loose) I still can’t photon why you are dragging me?

“I don’t even know you with this man in question. Stay away from me no be me break your heart this girl. Am not gonna speak on this issue again because you are not worth it, trust me, go and lick your wounds and let me be”

Actress Iheme Nancy gives epic reply to fan who asked why she has a big backside

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