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Yhemolee breaks up with his girlfriend Thayour for his new side chick (Video)

Yhemolee breaks up with his girlfriend Thayour for his new side chick (Video)

Yhemolee, a well-known Nigerian socialite, Break up with his girlfriend to his new side chick, and he becomes one of the most trending online conversations.

Yhemolee, who is well-known as a nightlife king, has made a lot of people talk about his name because of the flurry of relationships he has had with two women.

The information that is making the rounds online indicates that Yhemolee and his girlfriend “Thayour” have cheated on each other, particularly since Yhemolee was seen with a new woman recently. As a result, the relationship between Yhemolee and Thayour has finally reached a dead end.

Netizens claim that Yhemolee broke up with his girlfriend Thayour while on a trip to Dubai with both women, and that his sidekick was also caught with him. That is, he was moving between the ladies on a similar excursion prior to ending relationship with Thayour.

A Twitter user distinguished as @the_smallie tweeted; ” Yhemolee go Dubai with babe and side chick for the same plane but the babe no know.”

Another source also said that Yhemolee caught her girlfriend with older men at big hotels on multiple occasions.

Swipe down to see it;

See reactions below;

eminiadeoluwa: Girlfriend and side chic bawo, they’re both girlfriends.

nene_george: I hope say him don carry him mama go Dubai, him sisters, all those wey don dey pray for his success in life go Dubai. Once these young dude starts to dey make am, na woman straight go be their problem. Make una dey fear God o!!

_moni_car: Side chick ? Una day abuse this name for Nigeria o Honestly only married women are permitted to call their husband’s sex partner a side chick !! Not one girl without ring They were both his girlfriend Abeg.

scopymafioso: who are this people always getting into people’s business? lol You girls sometimes date una landlord knowing is wife and some of you guys dey date una wives bestfriend too😂🫶🚶🏾‍♂️.

losgiddy: It’s interesting how people take it so serious to know so much about strangers and their intimate lives this deep. personally couldn’t tell you what my neighbors face looks like. 😂.

bukkiii_: Abeg ? Fear women ! What happened to fear men ? He’s sponsoring both ! Dating both ! Booked flight for both ! They’re both girlfriends yea? Just that one don stamp since 1900 , so !?? Men will always be like that ! Na today ? Even the ones wey never get money dey cheat fgs! 😂 that gender is provocative 💔. Women self get their own tor body sha but who nor like better thing ? Elon musk boys 😆.

dr_adanma_ojiugo: Oyin nd yhemo since OAU…Money come,side chick show face..Stay with a man when he has nothing yeah? Make una dey play.

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