“Evangelist to Baddie” – Lady’s shocking transformation causes outrage online (Video)

“Evangelist to Baddie” – Lady’s shocking transformation causes outrage online (Video)
Evan Okoro

A stunning woman’s shocking transformation was shown in a viral video, which in turn sparked outrage among social media users.

A picture of a CD cover that featured the young woman, identified as Evan Okoro, was shared via the Twitter handle @steadydey.

She was an evangelist on the CD, promoting her song Ojulam Onu. She looked decent because she was wearing traditional clothing and a headband.

The gorgeous lady was seen in a mini skirt and blouse that showed her cleavages in the transformation photo, indicating that she has gone from being an evangelist to a slayqueen.

Netizens who watched the video got stunned as they swarmed to remark area to share their contemplations.

The video is below:

Some reactions are shown below:

@mister_ade5 said, “This life tough o”.

@walshakgentle said, “She went into gospel singing because of money. The money didn’t come she had to switch. You don’t venture into business because of money first, you have to give value before money starts coming. And value comes with passion. Without passion you can’t maintain the value.”

@Bidal_001 said, “She’s still doing the lord’s work. From Missionary to missionary 🤝🏽💀”.

@1Ayanfe said, “From Yes Lord to Yes Daddy 💀”.

@asore2002 said, “This life na turn by turn 😂”.

@HumbleDeyForYou said, “No be this girl wey i deh listen to her songs before be this?”.

@kiss_tobi1 said, “She don finally realize say good girl no dey pay”.

@emrysbl3u said, “good girl no dey pay 😂”.

@heisdeboy said, “Person go con like baddie side pass the evangelist one. How God wan answer prayer 😁”.

@steadydey said, “Yh, na her throw back dey first frame”.

@Ziyechman said, “Crazy things are happening fam”.

@Geralld_95 said, “They said good girl no dy pay.. whatever that means”.

@ExplainThisBob said, “This is a funny story about someone who changed from being a good person to being a bad person.”

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