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5 Things To Know About Davido’s 5th Baby Mama Anita Brown (NINATHEELITE)

Who is Anita Brown? The Lady Allegedly Pregnant For Davido: Age, Net Worth, Height, Songs, Height, Baby
Anita Brown

Anita Brown Ninatheelite, also known as Anita, is a social media influencer, model, and entrepreneur from the United States.

She became well-known after accusing Nigerian Davido of having an affair with her. She exposed the singer and described their relationship, which dates back to 2017.

Here is all you really want to be aware of Davido’s new child mom Anita Brown Ninatheelite History, Age, Nationality,Pregnancy, baby daddy and so forth.


NinaTheElite: History ‧ Bio ‧ Photo
Full Name: Anita Brown
Stage Name: NinaTheElite
Born: 7 May 1994 (age 29 years old)
Place of Birth: Miami, Florida, United States
Education: N/A
Nationality: American
Height: 1.71 m
Parents: Mr. & Mrs. Brown
Siblings: N/A
Spouse: Not Married
Boyfriend • Partner: Davido (rum.)
Children: N/A
Occupation: Musician • Model
Net Worth: $100,000-$300,000



NinaTheElite, also known as Anita Brown, is a extraordinary American artist who excels in a variety of digital fields. She was born on May 7, 1994. She is a vocalist, model, rapper, musician, and internet personality making her a genuine force to be reckoned with in the industry.

NinaTheElite has had a significant impact on the American music scene with the release of well-known songs like 34 Long Lane, Pussy Tight, and We All In.

Her ability to connect deeply with her audience and her exceptional talents set her apart. Through captivating content and genuine engagement, Anita “NinaTheElite” Brown has cultivated a loyal following across multiple online platforms. Her sincere approach and personal connection to her fans have helped her achieve success.

In an astounding turn, a disputable photo allegedly leaked on Twitter, claiming that Anita “NinaTheElite” Brown may be the fifth Nigerian vocalist and possibly Davido’s child mom.

Fans and followers of both NinaTheElite and Davido are agitated by this information and eagerly await further confirmation or denial from the parties involved. The Nigerian music industry has been intrigued by the repercussions of this revelation, whose impact is yet to be determined.


Born on 9 September 1994, Davido’s 5th baby mama Anita Brown Ninatheelite is currently 29 years old.


Who is Ninatheelite baby daddy? Nigerian superstar Davido is the baby daddy of American model Anita Brown. This will be Davido’s 5th child and Anita’s first child.


After she declared via on social media that she was pregnant, American powerhouse Anita Brown Ninatheelite charged Davido and his friendof tormenting her.

She claims that the singer demands that she terminate the pregnancy and reveal that her account was hacked. Anita also admitted that she was unaware that Davido was married.

She also attacks those who claim she was just a one-night stand, releasing evidence of her relationship with Davido since 2017. Video of her dancing during the singer’s concert and their dinner together are among the videos that have been released.



You can follow Anita Brown Ninatheelite on Instagram and Twitter @ninatheelites

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