“Kizz is so proud of himself” – Reactions as Kizz Daniel ignores Davido, greets others at an event

“Kizz is so proud of himself” – Reactions as Kizz Daniel ignores Davido, greets others at an event
Kizz Daniel and Davido

Popular Nigerian singer Kizz Daniel, who is known for hit songs like “Buga” and “Woju,” has been the center of attention for what appears to be a snub toward fellow musician Davido in a recent video that has taken over social media.

The incident, which was caught on camera backstage at an event, has sparked a variety of reactions and speculation regarding Kizz Daniel’s demeanor.

Davido is seen getting ready for his performance in the Instagram video with his 30 BG crew.

Kizz Daniel, also known as Vado, was spotted backstage with Davido because he was performing at the same event.

However, the interaction—or lack thereof—of Kizz Daniel with Davido drew everyone’s attention.

Kizz Daniel was seen greeting Davido’s crew members as he moved through the backstage area, but it appeared that he didn’t notice Davido, who was right next to him getting dressed.

Instead, Kizz Daniel moved to a different location without thanking the well-known DMW boss.

But Davido called out to Kizz Daniel, showing his humility, and the two artists hugged.

Davido reportedly uttered a few words during the embrace, leaving room for interpretation despite the unclear audio.

Fans and followers have responded in various ways to the viral video.

Despite having a sizable following of 9.6 million on his official Instagram page and being followed by numerous Nigerian celebrities, some ardent Davido fans expressed disappointment and described Kizz Daniel as proud.

These fans also agreed with Kizz Daniel that a select group of people controlled the Nigerian music industry.

However, some viewers believe that Kizz Daniel acted unintentionally, implying that he might have been distracted or simply overlooked Davido due to the frantic atmosphere backstage.

These people also said that, in comparison to other artists in the industry, the two artists are known to be close friends.

Fans of music have undoubtedly been divided by the video, leaving them curious about the dynamics between Davido and Kizz Daniel. Only time will tell if this incident has any significance beyond a brief backstage encounter, as speculations continue to circulate.

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