Zinoleesky vs Seyi Vibez: 5 Reasons Why Zinoleesky Is Better Than Seyi Vibez

Zinoleesky vs Seyi Vibez: A Comparison of Up-Coming Nigerian Music Stars

Over the past few years, the Nigerian music scene has seen the rise of a number of talented artists who have attracted the attention of music fans not only in the country but also all over the world. Zinoleesky and Seyi Vibez are two of these up-and-coming stars.

Zinoleesky vs Seyi Vibez: 5 Reasons Why Zinoleesky Is Better Than Seyi Vibez
Zinoleesky vs Seyi Vibez

With his catchy songs and melodic voice, Zinoleesky, whose real name is Oniyide Azeez, Breakthrough into the music scene. Zinoleesky is well-known for his adaptability, and he effortlessly flows on different genres including Afrobeats, Afro-pop, and street-hop.

Seyi Vibez, born Balogun Afolabi Oluwaloseyi, on the other hand, has won over fans with his soulful voice and deeply reflective lyrics. Seyi Vibez creates songs that deeply touch listeners by drawing inspiration from his own experiences and the realities of life.

His hit single “God Sent” exhibits his abiltiy to pass sincere messages on through his music.

While Seyi Vibez and Zinoleesky have a lot in common in terms of their rise to prominence and ability to connect with listeners, they also have distinct characteristics that set them apart.

We think Zinoleesky is better than Seyi Vibez for the following five reasons

1. Matured & Clearer Lyrics

We can all agree that Zinoleesky‘s voice and lyrics in the song are more mature and clear than Seyi Vibez’s.

Sometimes to understand some Seyi Vibez song you have to read the lyrics and sing along, but for Zinoleesky it’s not like that. You can explain the song’s narrative in its entirety even if no one is paying close attention.

Zinoleesky vs Seyi Vibez: 5 Reasons Why Zinoleesky Is Better Than Seyi Vibez
Seyi Vibez

Even if you’ve given it a lot of thought, you won’t understand what Seyi Vibez is saying in his song. But for Zinoleesky, the lyrics are always mature and clear.

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2. Connections with Bigger Artists

From all perspectives, Zinoleesky is a more well-known artist than Seyi Vibez. As a result, he has a larger network of connections with A-list artists in the industry.

Looking at their collaborations over the years, Zinoleesky has featured and has been featured by top artists than Seyi Vibez. In my opinion, Kizz Daniel is the biggest artist Seyi Vibez has featured on a song.

However, Zino has collaborated with Tiwa Savage, Naira Marley, and Ayra Starr on a song!

3. Social Media Followers

Social media followers are the primary metric used to weight an artist’s fan base. Accordingly, based on their followers, Zinoleesky is a better artist than Seyi Vibez.

zinoleesky currently has 2.5 million Instagram followers, while Seyi Vibez only has 1.5 million, a 1 million-follower margin o lo far!

4. Music Pattern

Since the breakthrough of zinoleesky in the Nigeria music industry, there haven’t been any artists either A-list or upcoming claiming that Zinoleesky is using their pattern or their style to make his own music.

Zinoleesky vs Seyi Vibez: 5 Reasons Why Zinoleesky Is Better Than Seyi Vibez

Zinoleesky’s energy and style are exceptionally unique to him and he’s basically a creator of a Genre we called “AfroStreet Motivation”, Seyi Vibez is also a benefactor of the genre at the start of his music career.

In contrast, Seyi Vibez has repeatedly been accused of imitating Asake’s singing and vibing, including dropping snippets of songs. Seyi Vibez is not original or unique; he is a photocopy of Asake.

5. Diversed Fan Base

Zinoleesky has a broader fan base than Seyi Vibez. This is due to the fact that Zinoleesky sings in Yoruba, English, and Pidgin, a language that is more widely spoken in Nigeria.

In contrast to Seyi Vibez, who sings primarily in Yoruba and Arabic (Roll Eyes),

Given the five points, do you think Zinoleesky is superior to Seyi Vibez?

Let’s hear from you…

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