Singer Spryo Explains Why He Avoids Being Alone with Nengi

Nigerian singer Oludipe Oluwasanmi David, known as Spryo, has shared his reasons for steering clear of being alone with Big Brother Naija star Nengi Hampson.

In a recent Instagram post, Spryo humorously recounted an interview where he was asked which female celebrity he would avoid being alone with. He candidly responded that he would avoid Nengi to steer clear of temptation, acknowledging his human vulnerabilities despite his faith.

“An interviewer recently asked me, which female in this industry would you never allow yourself to be left in a room with? Guess who I named? That would be NENGI. I no de like de too form like say I be JESUS, I am just his BOY, I ain’t him. So I FLEE FROM EVERY APPEARANCE OF NENGI make dem no go get me,” he wrote.

Spryo also shared an amusing anecdote of encountering Nengi at a show. He described how she sat opposite him, and he found himself internally rebuking the devil to avoid temptation, eventually deciding to leave the scene to maintain his composure.

“Humnnnn…. Naso I jam her for one show, she sat right opposite me and I kept rebuking the devil to leave my head till I had to run,” he added.

Spryo’s candid and humorous approach to discussing his admiration for Nengi has resonated with many fans, highlighting his commitment to maintaining his principles while navigating the entertainment industry.

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