Mohbad’s Father Claims Paternity Fraud, Insists Grandson Isn’t His Late Son’s Child

Joseph Aloba, father of the late singer Illerioluwa Aloba, popularly known as Mohbad, has reiterated accusations against his daughter-in-law, Wunmi, alleging paternity fraud regarding his grandson, Liam.

In a newly surfaced audio interview on social media, Mr. Aloba firmly stated that Liam is not Mohbad’s biological child. He based his claim on the observation that Liam has “bow legs,” a trait he insists is absent in the Aloba family.

Mr. Aloba further alleged that Wunmi’s purported lover was responsible for Mohbad’s death and urged Wunmi to take Liam to his “rightful father.” He highlighted the necessity of a DNA test to resolve the matter.

“All the names Mohbad mentioned in the petition he wrote were involved in his death. I still insist that his wife’s concubine killed him. This is why DNA is a must,” Mr. Aloba stated.

He continued, “Wunmi said my son deflowered her, so why is she running away from DNA? Liam has bow legs. We don’t have bow legs in the Aloba family. She should take the boy to his father. It is so sad that these wicked people killed my son in his prime. Nigerians should please support me as I fight for justice for my son.”

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