Tiwa Savage Opens Up About Criticism Over Fashion Style

Renowned Nigerian singer, Tiwa Savage, recently shared insights into her early career experiences, revealing how she faced heavy criticism for her bold and “sexy” fashion choices.

In a candid interview with Kiss FM, UK, Savage recounted the challenges she encountered, particularly in the form of backlash for her daring fashion sense and provocative lyrics during her youth.

Reflecting on her journey, Savage expressed admiration for rising star Ayra Starr, noting similarities in their paths. She confessed her admiration for Starr’s authenticity and resilience in the face of criticism from Nigerians regarding her fashion choices.

Savage’s praise for Starr stems from her own experiences, where she faced similar criticism for her fashion choices and lyrical content. Despite the challenges, Savage remains supportive of Starr’s journey and appreciates her fearlessness in embracing her unique style.

The Nigerian music icon emphasized the importance of staying true to oneself in the face of criticism, highlighting Starr’s ability to shine on the global music scene despite the initial skepticism from some quarters.

Savage’s candid remarks shed light on the struggles faced by artists in navigating public perception and staying true to their artistic expression. Her words serve as a testament to the resilience required to thrive in the music industry while staying authentic to one’s identity and vision.

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