Abia Warriors Determined to Win President Federation Cup

Abia Warriors head coach, Bethel Oji, has expressed his team’s commitment to continuing their strong performance following their advancement to the next round of the President Federation Cup.

The team secured a 1-0 victory against Sporting Supreme in the Round of 32 on Wednesday, with Megwo Sunday scoring the decisive goal.

Oji acknowledged the challenges of facing lesser-known teams but emphasized the importance of their recent win. “Playing against a small team is always something difficult but thank God for the win,” he told the club’s media.

He assured that Abia Warriors would take all remaining matches in the competition seriously. “We will take each game the way it comes. For the Round of 16, we will definitely work on our game plans before each game in the competition,” Oji added.

The Abia Warriors aim to go all the way in the President Federation Cup, demonstrating their determination and strategic planning as they progress through the tournament.

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