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Ekiti RAAMP Coordinator Inaugurates Grievance Redress Committee

Ahead of the commencement of construction on rural roads in Ekiti State, Sunday Adunmo, the State Coordinator of the Rural Access and Agricultural Marketing Project (RAAMP), has inaugurated the Grievance Redress Committee (GRC).

Terms of Reference Emphasis

Adunmo emphasized the importance of adhering to the committee’s terms of reference during the inauguration in Ado Ekiti. The GRC is tasked with addressing grievances that may arise during the project’s implementation in the benefiting communities.

Managing Potential Crises

Adunmo highlighted the necessity of managing any crises effectively to avoid automatic project stoppages in the state. He acknowledged potential agitations from farmers whose lands might be affected by the construction and assured that compensation would be provided before work begins.

Fair and Conscientious Handling

The project coordinator urged the GRC to handle all complaints fairly and conscientiously, stressing that the project’s success hinges on community support. The committee was also tasked with educating the communities about construction aspects, particularly the right of way, which may be misunderstood by farmers.

Committee Composition

The five-member GRC includes:

  • Sunday Adunmo, State Project Coordinator
  • Bukola Ezieke, Social Safeguard Officer
  • Bunmi Adeosun, Gender-Based Violence (GBV) Officer
  • Bukola Olukoya, Environmental Safeguard Officer
  • O’Seun Ogunsakin, Development Communication Officer

Community-Based GRC

Earlier, the Social Safeguard Officer, Bukola Ezieke, had inaugurated GRCs in 13 benefiting communities. She charged these committees to handle grievances confidentially, impartially, and transparently, ensuring prompt responses to all complaints to prevent crises that could hinder the project’s success.

Benefiting Communities

The communities where the GRCs were inaugurated include:

  • Omisanjana and Igirigiri in Ado Ekiti
  • Erinmope Ekiti
  • Ikere Ekiti
  • Afolu in Ise Ekiti
  • Osi Ekiti
  • Emure Ekiti

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