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NSCDC Commandant General Urges Special Female Squad to Safeguard Schools

Dr. Ahmed Abubakar Audi, the Commandant General of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC), has called on the Special Female Squad to intensify efforts in gathering actionable intelligence to prevent attacks on institutions and schools nationwide.

Speaking at the celebration of the third anniversary of the Special Female Squad, CSC Babawale Afolabi, the NSCDC National Public Relations Officer, revealed that Dr. Audi emphasized the squad’s crucial role in addressing the challenges of kidnapping and abduction of schoolchildren and teachers.

Dr. Audi highlighted the maternal instinct of women and its influence on the dedication and determination exhibited by the Special Female Squad since its inception. He underscored the importance of developing effective strategies to protect schools, especially considering the vulnerabilities identified during feasibility studies.

The Commandant General noted the significant achievements of the Special Female Squad, including foiling over 48 kidnapping attempts and attacks against students and teachers across the nation. The squad engages in training and sensitization programs on personal security and protection techniques in schools and extends its activities to support the less privileged and visit hospitals.

Dr. Audi commended the squad’s commitment to duty and community service, urging them to remain focused, diligent, and determined in combating insecurity in schools. He emphasized the importance of collaboration with other security agencies to ensure the safety of educational institutions.

As the NSCDC marks the third anniversary of the commissioning of the Special Female Squad, Dr. Audi reiterated his confidence in the squad’s ability to contribute to ending insecurity in schools and urged them to continue serving the nation with dedication and professionalism.

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