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Sanusi Defies Court Order, Reclaims Throne as Emir of Kano

Muhammadu Sanusi II has reclaimed his position as the Emir of Kano, defying a court order that prohibited his reinstatement. This bold move has heightened tensions and highlighted the ongoing power struggle within Kano State’s leadership.

Key Details:

  1. Court Order Ignored: Despite a court order preventing his reinstatement, Muhammadu Sanusi II has taken his place on the throne. The joint security agency in Kano had earlier announced their intention to uphold the court order.
  2. Supporters Cheer: Sanusi was greeted by hundreds of supporters as he rode a horse from the inner palace to the outer palace, where he traditionally receives his subjects and conducts court sittings.
  3. Government’s Stance: State Deputy Governor Aminu Abdussalam Gwarzo stated that the reinstatement of Sanusi was done legally and that the court order was not officially communicated to them in time. He emphasized that any legal directives received after working hours would not be considered valid.


Muhammadu Sanusi II’s return to the throne has sparked controversy and defiance of legal orders in Kano State. With strong support from his followers and the backing of certain government officials, this development highlights the ongoing power struggle and complexities within the Emirate Council. The situation remains tense, with potential implications for the region’s stability and governance.

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