Uzor Arukwe Reflects on Challenging Role in ‘A Tribe Called Judah’

Renowned Nollywood actor, Uzor Arukwe, has opened up about the demanding nature of his character in Nigeria’s highest-grossing film, ‘A Tribe Called Judah,’ describing it as the most difficult role he has ever undertaken.

In the film, Arukwe portrays Chidoke, an Igbo businessman entangled in money laundering activities. He revealed that the role presented significant challenges, particularly in mastering the Igbo dialect and nuances, including the distinctive pronunciation of ‘R’s’ and ‘L’s’.

During a recent interactive session with fans on X platform, Arukwe addressed inquiries about his most challenging role. Responding to a curious fan’s question, he cited ‘A Tribe Called Judah’ due to the conscious effort required to authentically embody his character’s linguistic traits.

“A Tribe Called Judah because I had to consciously replace the L word with the R word, to make it feel natural & believable,” Arukwe disclosed.

Acknowledging Arukwe’s stellar performance, Funke Akindele, the producer of the groundbreaking film, commended his portrayal of Chidoke. In a tweet, she praised Arukwe for his dedication to the role, affirming his success in bringing authenticity to the character.

“And you nailed it. Well done bro. Thank you too,” Akindele expressed her appreciation.

Arukwe’s insights into the complexities of his role shed light on the meticulous preparation and commitment required to deliver a convincing performance on-screen. His portrayal in ‘A Tribe Called Judah’ stands as a testament to his versatility and talent as an actor.

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