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Germany Grants Ukraine Permission to Use Delivered Weapons

In a significant development amid escalating tensions, the German government announced on Friday that Ukraine has the green light to utilize weapons provided by Germany against attacks originating from positions along the Russian border.

The statement emphasized Germany’s commitment to supporting Ukraine in its defense efforts, highlighting ongoing coordination with allies and continuous adaptation of support in response to evolving developments in the conflict.

Recent weeks have witnessed intensified aggression from Russia, particularly targeting the Kharkiv region and areas situated just across the border within Russia. In response to these attacks, Germany and its allies firmly uphold Ukraine’s right, in accordance with international law, to defend itself against such threats.

The German government’s statement reaffirmed its stance that Ukraine can employ the weapons delivered to it for defensive purposes, thereby fulfilling its international obligations. This decision underscores Germany’s solidarity with Ukraine and its determination to stand by its side in the face of aggression.

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