Actor Wole Ojo Calls Out ‘Future Wife’ as He Turns 40

Nollywood actor Wole Ojo marked the eve of his 40th birthday with a playful yet poignant message to his “future wife,” expressing surprise that she has not found him yet.

In a video clip shared on his Instagram page, the movie star humorously addressed his yet-to-be-found partner, remarking on his impending entry into the Ruby club. He captioned the post, “How I’m snagging into 40 tomorrow! Yup! 4th floor in a bit! Dear future wife, shame on you for not finding me still.”

Ojo rose to fame in 2009 when he emerged as the winner of the fourth edition of the Amstel Malta Box Office reality show. His acting credits include notable films such as ‘Bachelor’s Eve’, ‘Coming From Insanity’, ‘Out Of Luck’, and ‘The Matchmaker’, among others.

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