No woman is entitled to half of a man’s earnings – Stefflon Don Reacts To Hakimi’s Divorce Scandal

Stefflon Don, a British rapper, has spoken out about the online divorce scandal involving Moroccan footballer Achraf Hakimi.

No woman is entitled to half of a man’s earnings – Stefflon Don Reacts To Hakimi’s Divorce Scandal
Achraf Hakimi with his partner

[dropcap]E[/dropcap]x Burna Boy girlfriend, Stefflon Don has spoken out about the viral divorce scandal involving Moroccan footballer Achraf Hakimi and his partner.

After the Moroccan footballer, Achraf Hakimi, allegedly cheated on her while she and their children were away in Dubai and demanded half of his assets, Hiba Abouk filed for divorce.

In any case, she was educated by the attorneys that her significant other, Hakimi lawfully has no dime in his record, as 80% of his properties are in his mom’s name.

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Responding to this, Stefflon Wear who is Burnaboy ‘s ex neglects to help her orientation as she uncovered that no lady is qualified for half of her man’s profit.

No woman is entitled to half of a man’s earnings – Stefflon Don Reacts To Hakimi’s Divorce Scandal

Stefflon Don went on to say that in the tweet, the only way a woman can get half of her man’s money is if she helped him get there and struggled with it.

Stefflon Don posted on Twitter: No woman should be entitled to half of a mans earnings if she hasn’t struggled with & help him get there.”

Below is a tweet from Stefflon Don;


See how netizens react to Stefflon Don’s tweet below;

finegirl.joy: cheated on his wife, has an ongoing rape charge so his wife filed for a divorce. But the lesson broke men learned from this divorce case is ” your wife is not your family”

iam_davechuks: Facts but he shouldn’t divorce her without anything to hold unto, there should be some compensation too. Her body won’t be the same after giving him 2 beautiful kids, anyways they will be fine las las.

_sueldelioness: 💯 📌 your conscience should even prick you if you do… Some will say I had children for him… No sis,you had children for yourself as well. If he can assist his children or take care of them as should even when you two are separated just move on with a clean heart and let the universe bless your future. Trust me when you have your own you won’t even care about taking from an Ex spouse. This is the more reason I preach make your own and have your own to any woman who cares to listen. I know it’s a lot we women have to do but success is not gender based. #makeyourownmoneysis.

_.rachel.kike: So if she’s taking care of his children that they both gave birth too… she shouldn’t be entitled to anything …not her now, but the children she would be taking care of.

_favour_eze: He thinks he’s tryna get to his wife by leaving her with nothing of his, when he’s really just setting low standards for his kids… It’s disappointing abeg.

trap9422: Coming from someone who wanted burna boy to buy her everything.

shaloms_skinempire: Dear single Ladies, may you not marry a Man like Hakimi who invited a Lady to his matrimonial home for intimacy after his wife & kids traveled, got sued for R¶pe by the lady, didn’t deny not being intimate with the lady in his matrimonial home, but denied r¶ping her. His wife reacted and asked for divorce but hit the brick wall of empty treasury aided by treachery. Although, there has been several cases where some women deliberately ask for divorce for pecuniary gains & Hakimi’s display of wisdom may have opened the eyes of so many men around the world; especially those who married under the marriage act on how best to secure their assets. But truth must be told, there are NO so many Women, who’d tolerate a cheat & an alleged rap^st. As we salute Achraf Hakimi for not falling prey, let us also apply the rule of ” What is good for the goose is good for the gander”

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