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The Story Behind Portable: The Controversial Singer Taking Nigeria by Storm

The Story Behind Portable: The Controversial Singer Taking Nigeria by Storm

A Nigerian singer, rapper, and songwriter by the name of Habeeb Olalomi oyegbile, more commonly referred to as Portable or Dr. Zeh.

He was born on March 12, 1994, in Ijesha, Osun State, Nigeria, at the age of 29.

When a blogger named Don Blue used “Zazu Zeh” as the soundtrack for a post, Portable became famous by chance.
This eventually piqued the interest of the well-known Nigerian singer Olamide.

When asked how he met Olamide, Portable stated, “I met Don Blue, an online blogger,” in an interview with BoomPlay. I’ve never actually met him. I thanked him for reposting my song.
“Shortly after, Don Blue called me and told me that Baddo wanted to meet me, so I rushed to Lekki to meet Baddo,” he stated. However, when he included Nigerian dancer Poco Lee and rapper Olamide on his street anthem “Zazu Zeh,” Portable became a household name.

During his beginning phase of distinction, he turned out to be notable for getting down on his business partners via social media for scamming him on business deals, such as , artist management and furthermore on his Instagram handle where he mostly does all his controversial activities.

In a surprise move, the Zah Zuh coroner had fired his crew members, including his manager, disc jockey, and show promoter.

The singer had a fight with dancer Poco Lee, who he claimed defrauded him of $2600. Portable also fired his manager, DJ, and show promoter. He said that whenever new people want to “mingle” with him, they act up.

Portable went on to say that his crew members always prevented him from meeting new people. Morris, a Nigerian MC in Canada, pulled him out of a show because of his controversial nature.

The MC griped that portable had sacked two managers in under a year, and he would never again have him act in his show. He went on to say that he had written to immigration to deny his application for a visa. Portable’s series of fights with fans also made headlines.

He purportedly got into a dreadful battle with some Benin fans at a show in Edo State. Hours after the battle, portable nearly got into one more battle with a DJ in a club.

The singer became enraged and irritated by the DJ’s handling of his song. In a live-recorded video shortly after that show, Portable was seen challenging some police officers who attempted to arrest him.
Portable, was arrested by the Ogun State Police Command following the expiration of a 72-hour ultimatum given to him to turn himself in for refusing to honour police invitation over alleged assault.
In the early hours of Monday, April 3, 2023, Portable was charged in the Ifo high court in Ogun state.

He was nominated at the 2022 Headies Award for The Headies Best Street Artist Nominated and The Headies Rookie of the Year.

The controversial Singer has also released series of very controversial songs

Kuku Do Ritual · 2023
Expensive OG · 2022
Oro Aje · 2022
Papangolo · 2022.
Am Not a Prisoner · 2023
Ika of Africa · 2022
Money Before You Love · 2022
Zazuu (Zee!) · 2022

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