“As I never get bar to buy am car”: Ola of Lagos Surprise his homeboy with electric bikes worth 1.5M Naira

Ola of Lagos Surprise his homeboy with electric bikes worth 1.5M Naira
Ola of Lagos


Ola of Lagos is a popular Nigerian social media Influencer, fashion fan, and successful entrepreneur.

On social media platforms like Instagram, where he frequently posts pictures of his expensive clothes, automobiles, and lifestyle, he has a large followers.

Ola of Lagos is well-known for his love of expensive automobiles and clothes. He frequently discusses these things on his social media pages.

Within just two years, Ola of Lagos has established himself as a well-known figure among Nigerian influencers and collaborated with a number of the country’s most prestigious brands and celebrities. He is likewise known for his extravagant way of life and his assortment of costly vehicles, which incorporate Lamborghinis, Ferraris, and other superior execution vehicles.

Ola of Lagos has surprise his homeboy with the most recent brand of electric bicycles worth 1.5M Naira, Ola revealed this on his Instagram as he open up the bicycle,

Surprising my homeboy with 1.5M Naira gift from @electricbikeslagos it’s plenty 😂 as I never get bar to buy am car haha 😂 after all gift na gift Otilo 😂 You can also gift anyone precious to you such gift if bar never too dey to buy them house or car abi 😫 I no fit keeee myself 😂🫶❤️ Thanks @electricbikeslagos @electricbikeslagos.hq it’s plenty!!! He said.

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