“he’s so strong” – Netizens reacts as 99-year-old actor Charles Olumo “Agbako” flaunts his boxing skills (Video)

“he’s so strong” – Netizens reacts as 99-year-old actor Charles Olumo “Agbako” flaunts his boxing skills (Video)
Charles Olumo

A video of 99-year-old veteran entertainer, Charles Olumo otherwise called “Agbako” has surfaced on the internet and likewise produced overpowering responses among netizens.

Charles Olumo A.K.A Agbako is a Nigerian Yoruba language comic actor. He is a notorious TV character known for his amusing and now and then fierce character on screen. Alhaji Abdulsalam Sanyaolu is his real name.

He is more commonly referred to as Charles Olumo or Abdulsalam Ishola Sanyaolu, but if you mention Agbako in a crowd, everyone will pay attention.

Charles Olumo, also known as Agbako, is an actor and comedian from Nigeria who speaks Yoruba. He is a well-known television personality whose on-screen persona is often brutal and funny. His genuine name is Alhaji Abdulsalam Sanyaolu.

Very few individuals know him by his genuine name, Abdulsalam Ishola Sanyaolu or Charles Olumo, however notice Agbako in a group and all heads will turn.

Despite earlier reports that Agbako has a heart condition, the veteran actor appears to be in good health.

The 99-year-old veteran actor effortlessly displays his boxing abilities throughout the video, which sparked online conversation.

Check out the video here;

See reactions below;

aroraheemot: MashaAllah ❤️ May Almighty Allah be pleased with him 🤲🏽.

official_lizzy01: 99 what 😳 😮 wow ❤️God bless him 😍he really make my childhood a memorable one 👏😍.

ebony_christyemma: Well done 👏 baba. More strength sir 😍.

iam_ewatee: Our incoming ooo😂😂😂😂😂, someone please finish it😂😂😂.

timidees_media: This man🙌. This is pure Grace at work .

iamtoyobabie: Wow 🙌👏he’s so strong.

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