Ekiti Chef Dammy did not apply before attempting her 120 hours Cookathon – Guinness World Records

Ekiti Chef Dammy did not apply before attempting her 120 hours Cookathon – Guinness World Records
Chef Dammy

The Guinness World Records has said it did not receive an application regarding the cookathon that just ended in Oye-Ekiti.

A courageous lady, Chef Dammy took up cooking in Oye-Ekiti on Friday June 9, with the organisers saying she would cook for 120 hours.

Some Nigerians were asking if Chef Dammy followed the right procedure or if she actually wanted to break a world record.

Social media came alight after the news of her cookathon was made public and Nigerians started reacting to her efforts.

To clear the air, Legit.ng sent a press enquiry to the Guinness World Records on Tuesday, June 13.

A response received from the body shows that Dammy may not have set out to break any record in the first place. She may just have been cooking for passion or to showcase her skills which many have attested to.

Legit.ng wanted to know if the body is aware of the cookathon so as to clarify members of the public who were curious regarding Dammy’s efforts.

The body said: “We have not received an application for this attempt. Applications can be made via the Guinness World Records website for our records management team to review.”

Some Nigerians also raised eyebrows on whether Dammy was following the cooking rules. On this, the body said anyone trying to break a record receives rules from the body once the application is accepted.

The body wrote: “Once an application is accepted, the record claimant receives a set of detailed guidelines specific to that record category that must be adhered to.”

This also details a list of evidence that must be submitted for our team to verify the record. Guinness World Records maintains a rigorous review process to maintain the integrity of each Guinness World Records title.”

While some have said Dammy had to wait for one year before attempting to break Hilda’s record, the GWR said there is no waiting time before one can attempt to break an existing record.

The body said specifically: “There is no waiting time to attempt to break an existing record.”

In a tweet on its official account on June 7 shortly before the cookathon started, the organizers, The Spirit Word Mission said: “Spirit Word is going for the world record by Friday, 09/05/2023. Save the date tweeps. We are coming!”

Also in a video posted on Twitter by the Spirit Word Mission, Dammy was seen talking excitedly about the Guinness World records.


See reactions below;

saint_ndoo: she use una catch cruise and make money😂🤣that’s how some simps attempted to drag me for saying she’s not a chef and food presentation was awful.

joewhite4u: When I Dey talk, some people Dey insult their papa. Someone picking beans during the competition shows she was not prepared 🤷🏽‍♂️.

perfectfitzone.ng: When I said there was no creative thinking and planning to what chef Dammy did, some people think it’s hate but it’s just the facts. However I don’t think her goals was to break the record. I think it’s a social media growth strategy which she employed and it has worked for her. Congratulations to her all the-same cooking for 5day no be beans.

iamblackbharbie22: SORROWS, SORROWS…… PRAYERS🤧👩🏽‍🦯.

the_real_tobe_official: The destiny of a great kingdom of Ekiti dey on top the shoulders of a young chef, her name is Danny🥺😒 Ekiti is the next planet after Pluto😭.

bi_benard: 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 very good. Make una Dey support bad thing. You one collect person glory immediately. Think say God Dey sleep? Try in 5 years time and you will get it.

nosa_sync: Thy labour of, our heroes past…. 🎶 Complete?🤣🤣🤣.

9jasingles_partner_connects: We should acknowledge and encourage her strength and resilience. Her pace setter awaken her spirit. She might not be waiting for GWR. SHE ALREADY GOTTEN THE ATTENTION AND RECOGNITION SHE NEEDS. I still say it again. The sky is big enough for all to excel. 🙌.

nonsky: With all d concoction I see wey she cook, remove chef from her name abeg 😂.

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