“Onion ni bomb ” – Ikorodu Bois remakes Hollywood movie Extraction 2 trailer, video trends (Watch)

“Onion ni bomb " - Ikorodu Bois remakes Hollywood movie Extraction 2 trailer, video trends (Watch)
Ikorodu Bois

Ikorodu Bois, a group of young Nigerian mimics who have won awards, has gained attention online thanks to their recreation of the thrilling trailer for Extraction 2, a Hollywood film.

Ikorodu Bois shared their own Extraction 2 trailer on their official social media pages. Netizens couldn’t stop praising their explicit acting, editing, and other tools used in the film scene.

Babatunde Sanni, Muiz Sanni, and Malik Sanni are the three siblings that make up Ikorodu Bois, along with Fawas Aina, their cousin. While their older brother, Babatunde Sanni, edits the videos, the three young boys typically take part in the acting. Additionally, he serves as the group’s manager.

In 2020, the young mimickers released a remake of the Extraction trailer, which made them famous all over the world. [highlight color=”green”]Hollywood producers Russo Brothers also invited Ikorodu Bois to the Extraction 2 premiere[/highlight]

The youngster took their recreation of Extraction 2 and tagged the film’s director, showcasing their skills.

The video is below:

Fans and followers hailed the Ikorodu Bois for their creativity as they took to comment section. Some reactions are shown below:

iambisola said, “Madddddddddddd 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥”.

dcrazynigerian said, “Ok I’m saying this loud and clear – I’ll pay cinema ticket price to watch the Ikorodu Boys full version 👏👏👏 well done for this creative take – one of your best yet!”

tella_dijah said, “Amazingly Amazing!😮”.

glorybwoy09 said, “Abeg which one na original trailer ? Am confused 😂😂”.

iamfemifuse said, “Onion ni bomb as in Alubosa 😂😂”.

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