Anxiety of an Up-and-coming artiste by obella chapter 1 summary

Anxiety of an Up-and-coming artiste by obella chapter 1 summary
  • You dropped a beautiful song, many people wanna become friends.
  • They applaud your song and how much they love it.
  • They become your friend, shares your song and the dream.
  • They have high hope in your talent and believe you’re the next big thing.

You gotta meet up their expectations, you empty your savings to push your projects, drop songs and give them a good branding.

A year later you’re still where you are, music has humbled you after spending all your savings and nothing to write home about. The friends and fans who had high hopes on you have depreciated and they’ve followed the new guy who is starting like you did.

Your post no longer gets the engagement, you’re depressed, looking for a way out. You’re struggling as an artist. Oh, Don Jazzy just signed a new guy and you’re not the one. The hype and encouragement everyone gave you to keep up has died down. Everyone lips is on Don Jazzy new boy’s songs but you’re maybe way better but luck refused to shine on you.

No motivation, your fellow musicians who had your back have also stopped to check up on you as they’re also fighting their own battles. No motivation, if it happens, it comes as a result of what you’re passing through and the lyrics that rings in your head are depressing. You just want to be the one shutting down stages.

The small small birthday parties shows are no longer coming in. Your music resides in your room and phone with you, you’re putting them out there and with random downloads which stops immediately the hype is down. You’re an up and coming artist and you’re broke. No love for you in the hood. You’ve tried several other works which don’t just work for you.

You’ve gone low, people don’t even hear from you anymore. You’re struggling and still making music, but what if music no later pay you?

It’s an agony of up and coming acts and we know this, most of us are still in this phase. Music is somewhat like the new generation relationship, na for beginning e dey sweet but dips as time blows down. I pray you find peace with yourself, I pray the demon you’re fighting don’t win the fight against you.

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