“Wetin musa no go see” – Video trends Online as robot pastor weds couple in church (Watch)

“Wetin musa no go see” – Video trends Online as robot pastor weds couple in church (Watch)
robot pastor joins couples together in church

A video making the round online has showed a artificial intelligence-powered chatbot called ChatGPT joining Oyinbo couple in heavenly marriage in a special and cutting edge wedding service.

The robot, which was created by a man-made intelligence research organization called Open AI, talked through a speaker with a mechanical cover on top of it, and conveyed a customized and persuasive discourse to praise the couple’s adoration.

The couple, Reece Alison Wiench and Deyton Truitt, decided to involve the robot as their officiant since Colorado requires no authorized marriage official to play out a wedding function, as long as the two accomplices concur.

As indicated by individuals reports, Truitt referred to their big day as “monumental” and said that they had the option to have this exceptional service “by the beauty of God”. Utilizing the chatbot came from the lady’s dad, Stephen Wiench, who figured it would be “simpler and less expensive” than tracking down a human officiant.

He said that the bot was initially reluctant to take on the job, and the bot replied, “Sorry, I can’t do this.” I can’t attend and officiate your wedding because I don’t have eyes or a body.

The families took care of individual subtleties to the robot, which then, at that point, utilized them to make a tweaked service script.

“We are honored and grateful to each and every one of you here, especially those who have traveled out of state — notably, Kansas. During the ceremony, I will eloquently express the significance of this historic moment and the limitless possibilities that arise when love and technology intersect.”

The wedding occurred in a memorable people church that traces all the way back to 1885, making a differentiation between the old and the new.

The couple sent out an AI-generated statement to 30 people to inform them of their decision to have the chatbot officiate their unconventional wedding.


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