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“Get a Lawyer, Demand for 80% of His Wealth: Blogger Advises Chioma on How to Stay Married to Davido

  • Bold Pink, a controversial Nigerian vlogger, has sparked online reactions for her insightful advice to Chioma regarding what she should do if she wishes to remain married to Davido.
  • In a video that is currently making the rounds on the internet, Bold Pink advises Chef Chi to hire a lawyer and draft an agreement with Davido in which she would be entitled to 80% of the singer’s total worth.
  • The vlogger also went on to note that before Chioma allows Davido to sleep with her again, he should get tested, and it should be done by a doctor of her choosing

Bold Pink, a controversial gossip podcaster and vlogger, has caused online uproar with some of her disputed perspectives on the most recent pregnant baby mama stories about singer Davido.

“Get a Lawyer, Demand for 80% of His Wealth: Blogger Advises Chioma on How to Stay Married to Davido
Bold Pink addressed Chioma Adeleke

Bold Pink addressed Chioma Adeleke, the singer’s legal wife, in a viral video posted on her page about the Davido baby mama scandal.

As she offers her opinion on the Davido baby mama scandal, controversial Instagram vlogger Bold Pink elicits online reaction.

Bold advised Chioma to hire a lawyer to help her write a legally binding contract that Davido would have to sign.

Pink said that in the contract, Chioma should make sure that she would get 80% of Davido’s money and that he would have to get tested before the singer could have another sexual relationship with her.

Check out some of the responses that Bold Pink’s take on the Davido baby mama scandal generated online

@real__ogo: “Oya give credit to my Wendy Williams.”

@__ada.eze: “Ure still alive wow.”

@noble_preshy: “Wetin dis one dey talk, 80% for what reason na she sing the songs or dey perform for stage. You left but welcome back.”

@falon_maurer: “Okay na, online in-laws are back with silly takes..”

@_darkchocolatebrownies: “Wahala pro max.”

@eloho.egbon: “u don start ooooooo.”

@chiemeroyals_luxurywigs: “Yes I mis this about you ️❤️.”

@bryanmillien3: “Like yes please, if he can’t keep his pee pee in his pants make him pay through his nose.”

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