“Burnaboy for don para” – Oyinbo crowd stare as Omah Lay performs soso, they refused to sing (Video)

At a recent show in France, the Oyinbo audience appeared to be unfamiliar with Omah Lay’s song, as evidenced by a video.

Instead of singing and jumping as was expected, a large crowd surrounded the musician in the viral online clip and simply stared at him.

“Burnaboy for don para” – Oyinbo crowd stare as Omah Lay performs soso, they refused to sing (Video)
Omah Lay

Every time Omah Lay approached them, only a few people who appeared to be black and seemed to be familiar with Soso sang along. Despite the singer’s best efforts to animate the performance, the audience appeared uninterested.

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Omah Lay, who had just released his deluxe album Boy Alone, walked off the stage after performing the hit single “Soso” with less enthusiasm.

The video is as follows:

Social media users who watched the video tried to understand why the Oyinbo crowd did not sing or dance to Omah Lay’s song. Some reactions are shown below:

@Uriemuesiri_ said, “Why did they now leave their house?”

@hanamnzali76 said, “I swear I was pissed of I was almost the only one singing”.

@jerriejerrie_ said, “It’s their loss not his, he will get paid and move on but imagine spending hard earned dollars to get tickets to a show and not even try to enjoy yourself or the show🚮”.

@thesemiilore said, “This niggaz took my bro back to the days of upcoming artiste performing in a uni”.

@anthonystilldey said, “Omahlay too calm fr, Burnaboy for don match person for head.”

@Vipher72 said, “Make dis thing no add too Omahlay depression.”

@R0VIEL said, “Boy alone”.

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