“Person Wey Dem Suppose sign don go sign Person” – Carter Efe Signs Tiga Berri


Tiga Berri, a Nigerian comedian and musician who has signed with Carter Efe, has made a significant career move.

Carter Efe Signs Tiga Berri

“Person Wey Dem Suppose sign don go sign Person” – Carter Efe Signs Tiga Berri
Carter Efe Signs Tiga Berri

He has finally formed his own record label, ‘EHGod Records’, and has burned through no time in marking the skilled artist, Tiga Berri.

This interesting development has started expectation among fans, particularly with the commitment of a first class banger set to be delivered this evening. We should dive into the subtleties and investigate the responses from fans, this was after an effective coordinated effort with machala tune

Carter Efe Signs Tiga Berri : The Annoucement

Carter Efe announced his latest project in a tweet that sparked a frenzy throughout the music industry.

He declared with pride that Tiga Berri had signed with EHGod Records and expressed his enthusiasm for their partnership.


When he announced that the highly anticipated song “Money Over Love” would be released tonight, the anticipation skyrocketed. The hashtag #wizkidfc further lighted interest among fans.

Reactions from Fans As with any major announcement, fans shared their thoughts and feelings on social media. While some individuals expressed doubt and raised concerns, others applauded the collaboration of these gifted artists. We should investigate a portion of the fan reactions.

@phantom_Dviperr sarcastically commented on the signing, while @number1koko emphasized the importance of supporting upcoming artists.

@Nigerianpedro expressed joy and nostalgia, recalling Carter Efe’s memorable catchphrase from his earlier skits.

@HenRich9545 offered congratulations but also hinted at the need for consistent success, highlighting the expectations that come with such endeavors.

@DeKhUnL3 humorously pointed out the irony of signing someone when they themselves should be the one getting signed, while

@Castle114004558 humorously speculated on the potential drama that might ensue in the coming months

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A Promising journey Ahead

With Carter Efe’s record label and the signing of Tiga Berri, another part starts for the two artists. The unique combination of talents and creative vigor that these artists will bring is one of the reasons why fans eagerly await the release of “Money Over Love.”

This joint effort features the developing Nigerian music industry, enabling arising specialists to sparkle and do something worth remembering. As Carter Efe and Tiga Berri leave on this excursion, their fans support their undertakings, expecting achievement and momentous music.


the music industry has been abuzz since Carter Efe’s announcement of his record label and Tiga Berri’s signing. Fans’ excitement for the upcoming release of “Money Over Love” grows as they anticipate this collaboration between two talented artists.

We should witness the Magic as Carter Efe and Tiga Berri influence the business.

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