Meet Davido’s Baby Mamas And Their Children (PHOTOS)

Currently, a sarcastic joke is making the rounds on Nigeria’s social media platforms: Davido has taken the crown from 2Baba. If you think the aforementioned “crown” has anything to do with music, you would be forgiven. It doesn’t actually.

The “Unavailable” singer has faced a bigger number of challenges than the previous Plantashun Boiz member and sired more children from numerous babay mamas.

Meet Davido’s Baby Mamas And Their Children (PHOTOS)

An American woman known as Anita Williams recently made the claim that she had sex with the DMW singer and is pregnant for him, sparking controversy. Many of Davido’s fans slammed her for making the claims at the time, accusing her of being a hooker who “trapped” Davido with a pregnancy during a one-night stand.

She immediately responded, demonstrating that their relationship began in 2017. She also initially insisted that she did not care about Davido’s money.

Even many unknown women began posting claims about him on the internet, alleging that he had at some point forced them to have an abortion.

But how many baby mamas does Davido actually have and who are they? This post endeavors to answer to that question . So follow along with us as we list all of Davido’s baby mamas.

1. Sophia Momodu

Sophia is the mother of Davido’s first child, Imade Adeleke. She is a niece of famous Nigerian is a cousin to Dele Momodu, who is a famous Nigerian journalist and CEO of Ovation International. Sophia was one of Davido’s earliest relationships and the first person to publicly acknowledge that she gave him his first child.

Meet Davido’s Baby Mamas And Their Children (PHOTOS)
Sophia Momodu

Their relationship began in 2015, when she became pregnant for him and gave birth to Imade Adeleke, his first daughter. Their relationship fluctuates from warm to stormy on a sporadic basis. Sooner or later, she had announced him to the authorities, claiming that Davido and his dad voyaged abroad with her girl without her permission.

Meet Davido’s Baby Mamas And Their Children (PHOTOS)
Imade Adeleke

As a result, the anti-human trafficking organization NAPTIP issued invitations to both father and son. However, the two are said to be back together at the time of this writing.

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2. Chioma Avril Rowland


Meet Davido’s Baby Mamas And Their Children (PHOTOS)
Chioma Avril Rowland

In comparison to other baby mamas, Chioma has always try to avoided unnecessary drama, taking her man’s numerous indiscretions unobtrusively despite the fact that they may be jarring and provocative. You shouldn’t be surprised that she made this list in any way. The reason is that before becoming a wife, she was a baby mama.

Yes, she had a child with him before she became his wife, when he wed her in a secret ceremony. Sadly, Ifeanyi Adedeji Adeleke passed away soon after turning three. Davido’s hurried marriage, it is said, was his way of compensating her for the loss and reassuring her that she is not going anywhere.

Meet Davido’s Baby Mamas And Their Children (PHOTOS)
Ifeanyi Adedeji Adeleke

The death of Ifeanyi made news across Nigeria. For Chioma, it was as devastating as one could have imagined. At the time, Ifeanyi was Davido’s first son, and there were rumors that “his death was not ordinary.” Regardless, Chioma is said to be pregnant for him once more as of this writing. She has also made fewer appearances in public.

3. Amanda (Laplubelle)

Meet Davido’s Baby Mamas And Their Children (PHOTOS)
Amanda with her daughter Hailey Adedeji Adeleke

Nigerian singer Davido had another child with another woman, Amanda, two years after he had a daughter with Sophia Momodu and a year after she reported him to the authorities for traveling with their child without her permission.

Hailey Adedeji Adeleke was brought into the world in 2017 and possesses the place of second girl to the DMW chief. Davido’s baby mama is a model based in Atlanta, where she lives and was born. She and her daughter currently reside in the same city, and Davido frequently pays her a visit.

Meet Davido’s Baby Mamas And Their Children (PHOTOS)
Hailey Adedeji Adeleke on her 5th birthday

Amanda has managed to steer clear of most of Davido’s life’s drama. She is adored by many netizens for that.

4. Larissa London

Larissa London has mostly stay out of the public eye in relation to the man with whom she became pregnant. She is the mother of Davido’s son.

Meet Davido’s Baby Mamas And Their Children (PHOTOS)
Larissa London

Davido and Larissa started dating  in  the year 2019. She fell in love with him shortly thereafter in 2020, she gave birth to his son.

Following Ifeanyi’s death by drowning in his dad’s pool in Banana Island, people are currently considering Dawson to be Davido successor. However, like his mother, Larissa, a UK-based model and DJ, he rarely appears in the news.

Meet Davido’s Baby Mamas And Their Children (PHOTOS)
Davidos hidden son (Dawson)

5. Ayotomide Labinjo

Ayotomide Labinjo is another person on our list is said to have had a daughter with Davido as well. However, it is claimed that a DNA test proved that the child was not his.

This businesswoman and mode had a child for Davido. Multiple reports claim that a DNA test performed on the child when he was 10 months old revealed that Davido was not the child’s father. She insists, however, that her daughter Aanuoluwapo Adeleke is the son of Davido.

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Meet Davido’s Baby Mamas And Their Children (PHOTOS)
Ayotomide Labinjo

She claimed that Davido had an influence on the DNA report that showed the girl’s father was not Davido. To demonstrate that he was indeed the father of Aanuoluwapo, she demanded an independent DNA test. However, her appeals have not been heard so far, and no additional independent DNA test has been conducted.

Ayotomide Labinjo met Davido in a club in Ibadan in 2013 and both of them had an fling which lead her pregnancy and the birth of Aanuoluwapo Adeleke.

Meet Davido’s Baby Mamas And Their Children (PHOTOS)
Ayotomide Labinjo daughter


6. Anita Brown (Ninatheelite)

Meet Davido’s Baby Mamas And Their Children (PHOTOS)
Anita Brown

Anita Brown, also known as NinaTheElite, is a extraordinary American artist who excels in a variety of digital fields. She was born on May 7, 1994. She is a vocalist, model, rapper, musician, and internet personality making her a genuine force to be reckoned with in the industry.

In an astounding turn, a disputable photo allegedly leaked on Twitter, claiming that Anita “NinaTheElite” Brown may be the fifth Nigerian vocalist and possibly Davido’s child mom.

Fans and followers of both NinaTheElite and Davido are agitated by this information and eagerly await further confirmation or denial from the parties involved. The Nigerian music industry has been intrigued by the repercussions of this revelation, whose impact is yet to be determined.

Meet Davido’s Baby Mamas And Their Children (PHOTOS)
Anita Brown

After she declared via on social media that she was pregnant, American powerhouse Anita Brown Ninatheelite charged Davido and his friendof tormenting her.

She claims that the singer demands that she terminate the pregnancy and reveal that her account was hacked. Anita also admitted that she was unaware that Davido was married.

She also attacks those who claim she was just a one-night stand, releasing evidence of her relationship with Davido since 2017. Video of her dancing during the singer’s concert and their dinner together are among the videos that have been released.

7. Ivanna Bay

Meet Davido’s Baby Mamas And Their Children (PHOTOS)
Ivanna Bay

According to many reports, Ivanna Bay is a real estate agent from Paris. She works at Poesy and Place Patrimoine according to the social networking site where she has more than 128,000 followers. It seems like she is 22 years old as per her Instagram bio

Paris-based lady who came out from no where  after Anita made her claim and become the latest in the list of baby mamas associated with Davido

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