Israeli Bombing Of Gaza Kills 125 People Amid Cairo Truce Talk

In the midst of negotiations for a cease-fire in Cairo, the health ministry in the territory controlled by Hamas reported on Wednesday that at least 125 Palestinians had died as a result of heavy Israeli bombardment of Gaza overnight.

The UN humanitarian organization, OCHA reported that Israeli forces had issued new evacuation orders for a portion of Khan Yunis that was home to an estimated 500,000 civilians and displaced refugees while the battle raged.

Reports say that the directives coincided with warnings from the World Food Programme that Gazans were experiencing “catastrophic food insecurity” and criticism of Israel by UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres for rejecting the two-state option, which is viewed by the United States, an ally, as the only way to achieve lasting peace.

The heaviest combat was taking place near Khan Yunis, the birthplace of Hamas Gaza head, Yahya Sinwar, who is suspected of masterminding the October 7 bombings that launched the war.

The Israeli military claims to have “encircled” the southern city and is stepping up operations “in the area of the Khan Yunis (refugee) camp”.

According to the health ministry, Gaza hospitals have received the bodies of 125 persons who were killed overnight.

The Hamas government claimed that more than 200 individuals were killed but did not give a period.

It accused the Israeli army of forcibly relocating “tens of thousands” of people from Khan Yunis to Rafah, a city in southern Gaza near the Egyptian border.

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