Golden Eaglets Determined for Victory Against Togo – Coach Garba

Golden Eaglets head coach, Manu Garba, expresses the team’s determination to secure maximum points in their upcoming match against Togo to secure a spot in the semi-finals at the WAFU B U-17 Championship.

Coach Manu Garba emphasized the Golden Eaglets’ unwavering focus on securing a victory against Togo in their final group stage match. With just one point needed for qualification into the semi-finals, the defending champions are aiming for nothing less than a win.

Garba stressed that the team’s goal is clear: to claim maximum points against Togo. Reflecting on previous matches, Garba expressed disappointment over the draw against Burkina Faso but acknowledged the importance of maintaining a winning mentality.

“We are not here to draw matches. I am not happy that we drew our first match against Burkina Faso,” Garba stated. “We got the three points against Niger Republic, and we have to keep the winning mentality. We cannot afford to gamble; a win is what we are going for.”

Despite Togo’s previous losses in the tournament, Garba warned against underestimating them, highlighting their ability to score goals. He emphasized the need for the Golden Eaglets to approach the match with seriousness and determination, ensuring they do not overlook their opponents.

Garba concluded by emphasizing the team’s focus on securing a victory against Togo, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a winning mindset throughout the tournament.

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