I’m a Naija man – Canadian rapper Drake reacts to Dad’s DNA ancestry Results

I'm a Naija man - Canadian rapper Drake reacts to Dad's DNA ancestry Results

Drake, a well-known rapper from Canada, recently questioned his heritage in light of the results of the DNA test on his father.

After accepting his dad’s familial outcomes, vocalist Drake affirms that he is a Nigerian after a site uncovered that his father is 30% Nigerian.

Drake wants to know if he is a Nigerian because he posted the DNA results of his father, Dennis Graham, in the insta-stories section of his verified Instagram page.

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“This is my dad’s results does this mean, I’m a Naija man finally.”

Check out Drake’s post screenshot down below;

I'm a Naija man - Canadian rapper Drake reacts to Dad's DNA ancestry Results

See reactions below;

dear_enayi: Omo!! All of them wants to be Nigerian. Is there something about Nigeria that Nigerians don’t know about?

newera_xchange: Be like baba don prepare Afrobeat album 💿 😂😂.

teeh_lyfstyle:They’re all wanna be Nigerian so bad. 😂😂😂.

@TheAcidAfro: Drake dad look like a Benin Edo man. I been knew this 😂.

@OriafoB · 22m Replying to: Beyonce should check also… Rihanna can’t deny it….she is from Edo state Nigeria..

@ElikorBenson: We don’t want you. Speaking for Nigerians 🚶.

@furioussuperfly: If them trace Most of them lineage you go see many of them are Nigerians who just lost their way home and became a complete American.

fero_autos: Normally, he has maintained good relationship with Naija celebrities over the years, i won’t be surprised if he is a Nigerian😂.

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