‘I have never slept with any man to achieve all these things, I didn’t grow up rich but I have my own house now’ – Ashmusy brags

‘I have never slept with any man to achieve all these things, I didn’t grow up rich but I have my own house now’ – Ashmusy brags

Famous Nigeria social media Influencer, comedienne, entertainer and production producer, Amarachi Amusi who is prevalently called Ashmusy has shared her account of grass to elegance through her Instagram page.

Ashmusy uncover how she once resided in a “face me, I slap you” house for north of 20 years yet starting today, she currently own homes in the country.

The social media personality claimed that she never received any money from anyone and that all she owns today is the result of her hard work.

In a recent interview, Ashmusy talked about everything she went through to get to where she is today. She stated that top Nigerian celebrities like Regina Daniels influence her and that she now owns multiple profitable businesses.

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The ashmusy statement reads:
“Instagram is where I started right after school. I graduated school in 2016, I did my NYSC 2017, I started content creating and skit making influencing right then, I didn’t even have direction, I didn’t even know what I was doing, I also started my first business, Ashmusy hair.”

Speaking further, Ashmusy explained how her mother and herself lived in debts. According to the actress, her mother borrowed money from banks and other people who come knocking whenever they want to collect their money.

She said, “We didn’t grow up rich but my mum did her possible best to make us not feel poor. She did everything, she borrowed money from all the banks, all the LAPO, all the microfinance banks used to come and knock on our door everyday. She hawked, begged, she was owing everybody around her literally. So we grew up in this face me I face you house, one room and parlour, we were like 10 living there and then we used to queue up to use one public bathroom. So we lived there for 20 years, I left the house when I was 20 years old. It’s just a great thing how seven years later, at 27, I have my own houses.”

Not stopping there, the beautiful actress said that she is proud of what she has achieved and all thanks to her hard work. I’ve never slept with any man to achieve all these things but got everything myself without anyone adding a dime.

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