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I don’t know Chioma is also presently pregnant, I don’t want Davido – USA lady Anita Brown Speak out (Video)

I don’t know Chioma is also presently pregnant, I don’t want Davido – USA lady Anita Brown speaks (Video)
Anita, Davido and chioma

In a new video that went viral online, Davido’s most recent babymama, Anita Brown, who goes by the alias Ninatheelite, admitted that she was unaware that Chioma was also pregnant at the time.

Keep in mind that Anita Brown, who is currently living in the United States, claimed that singer Davido had sex with her. This was the wrong reason for Davido to be trending.

Anita leaks the conversation she has with Davido and, as a result, gives a pregnancy test to show that she is actually pregnant.

In addition, she asserted that she has known Davido since 2017, that they have not had a single night out, and that she is not to blame.

Netizens also confirmed that Anita was mentioned in Davido’s 2018 hit song “Assurance,” which was dedicated to Chioma.

However, in the latest clip, Anita stated that she is unaware that Chioma is pregnant as well as that she does not wish her harm. She also stated that she does not require a relationship with Davido.

She said: I didn’t know Chioma was currently Pregnant, I don’t wish her bad, But I am also pregnant with Davido‘ s Baby and I don’t want her Husband Davido”

See the video below;

See reactions below;

bezo_hassani___: He’s a man and has full right to marry more than one woman, David make sure you marry all of them, that’s your right and no one can take away polygamy from we Africans.

airnurse: He lacks self còntrol. By having unprotected sex with multiple women as a married man, he puts himself and wife at rlsk of STDS. Afterwards, he goes on air to do “eye service” and sing her praises🥺🥺. No wife deserves dis, I swear.. May God heal Chioma.. 🙏🏼.

afomamatilda: Don’t discuss your wife with your sidechick, you have disrespected her enough by cheating 🤦‍♀️ Omo.

wale.ng: You don’t want her husband but you don’t mind a monthly child support/maintenance check for the next 18years. Independent woman in the mud😂.

smokerszone.ng: If Dog was a person, anyway na typical Yoruba people way polygamy na their tradition. I just pity the one wey dey form wife up and down cos she see celebrity wey come from rich background. When some girls say women know your worth this is what they are talking about. Burna abeg help me compose song for this fuckrikant ..

simeon.delight: This situation is actually very messy and i dey feel for chioma but at the same time I’m sure she knows what she was getting herself into when she married David… At least this girl is doing what Sophia can’t do😂.

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