“Energetic performance or craziness?” – Portable’s performance at recent event stirs reaction (Video)

“Energetic performance or craziness?” – Portable’s performance at recent event stirs reaction (Video)

With his recent controversial performance at an undisclosed event, Habeeb Okikiola, also known as Portable, has caused quite a stir on social media.

The area of the occasion stays obscure, however during his demonstration, the artist showed conduct that left watchers astounded.

Portable was seen vigorously scratching his jeans while standing on what appeared to be a stage, causing water to spill onto the floor.

Unfazed by the uncommon event, he continued to feature lively dance moves while eliminating his pants.

He seemed about to pull down his underwear at one point, but he abruptly stopped and pulled his jeans back up.

After this, Portable continued his intense dancing routine while apparently unperturbed by the earlier anomalies, putting water on himself.

One fan was surprised by the whole thing, so she uploaded the video and asked herself if Portable’s actions were part of his performance or just an example of his eccentricity.

The online user distinguished as Olamide stated “What’s portable doing in front of an audience? Is this an energetic performance or craziness?

Big sport: ” And Apes dey call new cat best performer when there is Portable? Idamu industry”

Vipher: “Persin call himself bamboo Weytin you expect”

Eric: “This is what he is paid to do. How many of him songs una know?? Man is just there to entertain the crowd, you can see their reaction na. They like what they see.”

Ayo: “Even across all the multi verse in the whole world. I’m 100% sure that no version of me would go for a portable show. Like wetin i dey find. But he’s an entertainer though, just that no different between his entertainment and a mad man own.”

Ju’ptar: “It’s energetic performance bruh, burna boy craze pass this so tey he wore boxer to the stage, yet we all conclude he’s good on stage so let no one call this one madness.”

Watch Video Below:

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