“Jesus didn’t get his credit while alive, so who am I to complain” – Burna Boy Rants (Video)

“Jesus didn’t get his credit while alive, so who am I to complain” – Burna Boy Rants (Video)
Burna Boy

Nigerian Grammy-award winner singer, Damini Ogulu, famously known as Burna boy, as of late express his conviction that he doesn’t get adequate acknowledgment for his talent, in spite of being viewed as “the best in the world

After his performance at the Afronation festival in Portugal, the artist made these remarks during a conversation with Nigerian-British show promoter Adesegun Adeosun Jnr., also known as Smade, and podcaster Adesope Olajide, also known as Shopsydoo.

A video catching their collaboration immediately became famous online.

Smade lavishly praised Burna Boy and lamented the artist’s lack of recognition, describing him as “the f*cking best in the world.”

His words were:

“Burna, you keep blessing us mehn. No, you don’t get your credits enough bro. You’re the f*cking best in the world.”

Burna Boy responded by drawing a parallel to Jesus, implying that even the revered religious figure did not receive the appropriate recognition until after his death.

He added,

“No, I don’t [get enough credits]. Jesus also didn’t get his own credits till he died, so who am I? [Laughs]”

Shopsydoo continued the discussion by asserting that the goal has shifted from merely promoting Afrobeats music to establishing global dominance in the music industry.

Shopsydoo also added:

“It’s not about Afrobeats anymore, it’s about worldwide domination.”

This sentiment highlights Burna boy’s goal to extend his impact past the limits of a particular classification and set up a good foundation for himself as an amazing powerhouse on a worldwide scale.

Burna Boy’s claim that he didn’t get enough credit won over a lot of his fans and sparked debate in the music industry.

Some people agree with his point of view, but others say that his talent has been widely recognized due to his Grammy win and international fame.

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