Ayra Starr Talks About Meeting Rihanna, Teases Potential Collaboration

Nigerian singer Ayra Starr recently shared her thrilling experience of meeting Barbadian superstar Rihanna. In an interview with BuzzFeed, Starr recounted the unforgettable encounter that took place at the Authentic Woman event in London.

Known for her hit song “Rush,” Ayra Starr expressed her amazement and joy upon discovering that the billionaire and Grammy-winning artist was already familiar with her music.

“My biggest celeb story is Rihanna. I met Rihanna about two weeks ago. It was amazing; I got to meet her at the Authentic Woman event in London. Do you know how crazy that is? And she loves me, she knew me – that was the most amazing part of it,” Starr shared enthusiastically.

The encounter took an even more exciting turn when Rihanna, a mother of two, expressed a strong interest in collaborating musically with Ayra Starr and fellow Nigerian artist Tems.

Fans of all three artists have warmly received the news, sparking anticipation and excitement within the music community.

The Authentic Woman event, which brought these talented artists together, serves as a platform for empowering women and celebrating their achievements across various fields. Rihanna’s recognition and the proposed collaboration underscore the global influence and recognition that artists like Ayra Starr are beginning to achieve on the international stage.

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