Whitemoney Explains Absence from 2024 AMVCA, Advises Colleagues on Avoiding Public Embarrassment

Big Brother Naija star and singer Hazel Oyeze, popularly known as Whitemoney, has revealed the reasons behind his absence from the 2024 Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards (AMVCA).

In a recent Instagram post, Whitemoney addressed fans’ questions regarding his absence at the prestigious event, which saw celebrities from Nigeria and across Africa showcase their glamour at the Eko Hotel and Suites in Lagos.

Whitemoney explained that attending the AMVCA requires a significant financial investment, especially in creating a suitable outfit. He noted that making a befitting outfit for the award night costs at least a million Naira, not including the stylist’s fee.

“I’ve been getting calls about my absence from the AMVCA. How would I go, are you not seeing what these brothers are wearing?” Whitemoney stated. “Take a look at Neo Akpofure’s dress. Elozonam was dripping in an all-white outfit like an angel deported from heaven to go create his own heaven on earth. Saga was like all these pink Barbie gentlemen. His dress was awesome. I can’t match their styles.”

He emphasized that, as someone not in the acting profession, he was unbothered by missing the event. “I’m not an actor so I’m not even bothered. AMVCA na pressure. Imagine paying over a million naira for a dress you would only wear once. The ladies were just killing it. Next year we move. I can’t relate.”

Whitemoney also issued a warning to his colleagues about the importance of settling their debts with designers to avoid public embarrassment. “Please, make sure you pay your designers in full to avoid them calling you out on social media.”

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