Speed Darlington Mocks Portable Over Car Debt Arrest, Emphasizes Living Within Means

Controversial singer Speed Darlington has taken a jab at his fellow musician Portable, following the latter’s arrest over an unpaid car debt. Portable was detained by the Lagos State Police Command on Tuesday for failing to settle the debt he owed after purchasing a G-Wagon from a car dealer.

Reacting to the news, Speed Darlington mocked the ‘Zazu’ crooner for portraying himself as a superstar while struggling with financial issues. In a video shared on his Instagram account, Darlington highlighted his own approach to living within his means, proudly noting that his Benz is 18 years old.

Darlington said, “Una see Portable jump fence? Portable don cast o! Yoruba superstar no get money for Benz [laughs]. Nobody is looking for me. Everything is cash and carry. I don’t hang my hand on a shoulder I can’t reach. Portable was flaunting his GLE but he didn’t have the money to pay for it. Guess how old my Benz is? 18 years. But I’ve peace of mind. I can’t jump fence.”

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