BBNaija’s Doyin Asserts: “Won’t Marry Man Unable to Employ Cook or Cleaner”

Doyinsola Anuoluwapo David, better known as Doyin from Big Brother Naija, has stirred controversy with her firm stance on marriage preferences. In her recent podcast episode titled ‘Doyin’s Corner,’ she candidly expressed her disinterest in marrying a man who cannot afford to hire domestic help.

The outspoken reality star articulated that her ideal husband should have the financial capacity to employ a cook and cleaner, as she adamantly declared her reluctance to engage in household chores post-marriage.

“I am determined to have a cook when I tie the knot. It’s not even a matter of hope, it’s a certainty,” she emphasized. “I will enlist the services of someone to cook and clean. I refuse to marry a man who cannot provide for such assistance because I will be pursuing my career. Returning home from work to handle cooking and cleaning duties is out of the question.”

Doyin’s unapologetic stance has sparked discussions among listeners, with reactions ranging from support to criticism. While some commend her for prioritizing her career and setting clear expectations for her future partner, others question the practicality and fairness of her requirements in a marital relationship.

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