“African is a street in South Africa” – Lady answer to ignorant question on TikTok (Video)

"African is a street in South Africa" - Lady answer to ignorant question on TikTok

A lady by her username, charityekezie made addressing oblivious inquiries concerning Africa on TikTok

The woman became famous online in quite possibly of her most recent video, where she let somebody know where South Africa and Africa are arranged

Individuals were in join as the woman put on a persuading act while giving out a few false realities

The female content curator generally answers in the event that individuals suggest obsolete conversation starters about Africa’s area.

Netizens were in tears as they watched the woman profess to be serious while making wild cases. The video received thousands of likes because people were so amused.

TikTokker posts sarcastic video about Africa and South Africa. In a video she posts on TikTok, @charityekezie responds to a question about whether Africa is in South Africa.

The woman uploaded a video in which she asserts that they are correct because Africa is a South African street.

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Replying to @bluevelvetsandtea South Africa is the mother village in which Africa dwells in. yeah. #sarcasm #charityekezie #livinginafrica

♬ original sound – Charityekezie

See comments below

Siananigans84 commented: “How do you keep a straight face?”

Samantha K commented: “How many streets over is Wakanda?”

Ranbowbrite commented: “You’re the best.”

Pam commented: “The lady behind yous face.”

jeankendeck commented: “I pass South Africa street every day on my way to work, it’s right opposite Nigeria Avenue even can’t miss it.”

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