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Singer Portable reacts after crashing his G-wagon in Lagos (Video)

Portable, a singer from Nigeria, has made it clear what he plans to do after escaping death in a fatal car accident and what he will do with his damaged vehicle.

Singer Portable reacts after crashing his G-wagon in Lagos (Video)
Singer Portable breaks silence after crashing his G-wagon in Lagos

His g-wagon car sustained significant damage as a result of the incident, which took place on Wednesday, July 12.

An online video showed how badly damaged Portable’s g-wagon was and showed the extent of the damage.

Be that as it may, the artist stayed hopeful and attested his assurance to obtain another vehicle soon.

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He acknowledged that he had to work hard to get the car he has now, and he believed that if he worked hard at his job, he would be able to get a new one for the one that was damaged.

Portable also addressed the fabrications of the accident-related accusations in the video.

He made it clear that some people had wrongly accused him of participating in rituals, pointing out that these claims were baseless and unfounded.

His said: ” Hustle wey buy me that one go buy another one. You can’t ruin my life; I buy moto, dem use mouth spoil am. The car didn’t kill, they said I did ritual and it would kill me. Na rain cause am, I was going to studio when I had the accident. No death can kill me, I’ve done jazz, you can’t get me. It happened in Lekki, Osapa London; I will buy house in that place.”

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